Monday, June 30, 2014

Wild child

I haven’t posted much about the kitties recently, and realized it’s because the boys have settled down for the most part and don’t tend to do so many crazy things. Oh they’re still quite playful and have their little idiosyncrasies but neither one is out and out wild any more. That’s a relief, especially at night. Nowadays we’re more likely to be woken up by one of the boys crying in our ears rather than breaking things in another room. Even Wally has mellowed.

These days I have two cushions on my desk—there’s a cut down brown cushion left over from an old Poyang chair from Ikea on the left side that Eddie claims, and an actual pet bed (dog, to be specific but don’t tell the cats) on the right side (that’s mostly all Wally’s). I didn’t want to give up that much real estate to the cats but found that if they didn’t have a cushion, they tended to sprawl and then push things off my desk with their paws. That gets dangerous when what’s pushed is a full cup of coffee which then spills on electronics nearby like cell phones, keyboards or tablets.

Chloe remains firmly ensconced either on the second Poyang cushion (which is on top of the two drawer file cabinet between our desks) or on the pink knitted blanket our friend made for us. She still gets huffy if I don’t make the bed quickly enough in the mornings; she will wait and cry or grump until I get the blanket folded and into its proper spot so she can knead it and then curl up to sleep most of the day. She’s 14 or 15 years old now, so she sleeps a lot.

Eddie still loves, loves, loves his pumpkin with his canned food. He’s slimmed down a bit but let’s face it—that cat is always going to be a big boy.

And Wally is still the complicated, slightly high strung, easily bored cat he always was. This picture is pretty unusual. Normally you don’t see him that relaxed unless he’s on the pet (dog) bed on my desk.

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Jeanne said...

I'm glad to hear they're calming down after all the drama of the last few years.