Saturday, May 17, 2014

The week in review

Random bits from my week here in Boston:

I got breakfast most days at a Dunkin Donuts near the training location. Every time, I saw an older woman – 50s? 60s? – sitting at the same table talking to herself. She was otherwise normal: nice appearance, normal clothing, nothing out of the ordinary. She just talked to herself. And no, she wasn’t using a Bluetooth.

Thursday night, I walked over to a restaurant in my old neighborhood for some carry out. On the way back to my hotel, I walked as most do in Boston – looking ahead and slightly down. I saw a baby in a stroller and then realized hey! I know that baby. And of course, I knew the parents too. David and Fiona were coming home from picking up Sam at day care. Boston really is a small town in so many ways.

Coming up the stairs from the Green Line at my stop, I heard a man start singing to a woman “I wanna know what love is, I want you to know me!” She mock slapped at him and told him not to put that song in her head. I completely agreed with her.

The training this week was held at the Union Club which looks very unimpressive from the outside but is amazing on the inside. The building has been updated a little bit in that air conditioning was added a year or two ago but otherwise the woodwork and so on is still original. I tried to grab a picture with my phone but the only one that really shows anything well is this one from the fifth floor. That's a view of Boston Common and some skyline further out.

How was your week?

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