Tuesday, April 1, 2014

If train A leaves the station . . .

Do you recall word problems from math class? Or better yet, the word problems in algebra? Making this dress was like solving a word problem for me, and Kent felt much the same about the two shirts. Here’s why:

When you sew from a pattern, the pattern pieces use standardized measurements which may or may not fit the body being sewn for and of course, you’re taking flat fabric and making a 3-D object out of it. All of our grandchildren are very slender and two are quite tall. That means adding in fabric for length without adding it anywhere else.

Since I’d made some pants for the middle grandchild, I’m pretty confident his pants will fit. But I’m no expert at fitting, so I have my fingers and toes crossed that our granddaughter’s dress fits. I added two inches in length to the bodice and then had to be extra careful to make sure that added length didn’t mess up any of the other pieces. Plus I complicated things by first fully lining the dress (hard because the two bottom bands are not seamed in the back, which complicated getting the lining inserted properly) and second, by making the little bolero out of a woven fabric instead of knit.

We will get these in the mail tomorrow, expedited to be sure, so that if there are any fixable fit issues, we can get them fixed. And if the outfits just flat don’t work, our daughter-in-law will have time to find something else.


Magpie said...

very sweet.
love the changing directions on the dress fabric.

Jen Shear said...

They look fantastic!