Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I'm in love

With a brand of socks. Let me explain . . .

So colorful & comfy!
I’ve always bought cheap running socks. My running socks needed to meet just one requirement: they had to stay up on my heels. You’d think this would be an easy requirement to fulfill, but that wasn’t the case. Things only got worse when the running sock fashion turned to the invisible socks. (Did you even realize there are fashion fads in running socks? Seriously . . . )

Oddly, I had the most success with Target socks. They were made of some cheap technical material so they wicked away any moisture, and they stayed up on my heels. I bought probably seven pairs and used them a lot. Alas, in the last few years even Target has moved on to the invisible running socks and so my supply has been dwindling.

When I got my new running shoes last month, I tried them on with a pair of balega socks. They felt amazing on my foot and helped the shoe fit even better. So I got two pairs.

But they had a problem and for once it wasn’t centered on staying up on my heels. No actually they were too big. If you look at the size chart, technically I’d wear an M in these socks. My feet are nothing but skin and bones, I’ve got hardly any meat there at all. Really I need an S. So I ordered three pairs directly from the company – I got three different types and all three are a size S.

Wow what a difference. They stay on my foot where they should and are just all around amazing. Of the three styles I bought, I love them all but one pair is too thin to use with my current running shoes. That’s OK, I wear other shoes too, other athletic shoes even, so I am positive they’ll get worn.

The only problem now is I have two pairs of size M socks. Kent’s got great big clodhopper feet so he can’t use them. Maybe the cats can play with them.

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