Friday, August 23, 2013

The dog days of summer

I’ve been really quiet this month but it’s not because I have nothing to say – those who know me are no doubt laughing themselves silly at the thought of me having nothing to say. And I’ve easily written 20 posts in my head this month. But what I haven’t had is the time and energy to write them down or do much other than work.

Think of it this way. Each of us has a finite amount of physical, mental and emotional energy. Whatever we do personally or professionally draws down those levels, and so then we have to figure out how to recharge. For me, I can take low levels in two of the three areas before I have to recharge by being a slug. This summer, though, I’ve been regularly drawing down all three areas so when I get home from work, I act like a cat and just loll around the house doing nothing.

These are all good things for me, so I’m at least happy about what’s going on. Work is going amazingly well, I am learning like crazy and my contributions are getting a lot of positive attention and feedback. But it’s taking a lot of emotional and mental energy based on the kinds of work we do in my field.

Plus I’ve stepped up my exercise regime so that I’m back doing what I did a couple of years ago – again, a really positive change, but the fact is I’m physically beat at the end of every day.

I’ve also been sewing more (even though you wouldn’t know it based on my blog posts) and that, while enjoyable, is also a drain on my mental energy.

So the TLDR version: I’m doing really well, just running low on energy and as soon as things calm down at work (oh around probably October . . . ), I’ll move those posts from my head to my blog.

What’s new in your world?


Anonymous said...

I could copy this, delete the paragraph about sewing, try to figure out what the hell your acronym means, and paste it into my blog.

kittiesx3 said...

Too long, didn't read. Sorry I should have spelled it out. Feel free to copy, even the picture hahaha!