Saturday, June 29, 2013

But I was here first!

Kent's renting some camera equipment to try out before he (maybe) buys any. All the stuff arrived yesterday and he's been like a little kid at Christmas ever since. I can't begin to tell you what all he's rented, although I do know one lens is a wide angle lens. So now I have a lot of wide angle lens pictures of all sorts of things and cats and creatures.

I like this one a lot and there's a bit of a story behind it. Last night I kept hearing what I thought was Eddie rattling our closet doors. I got up probably half a dozen times shooing him away from the doors but he kept going back. I put a blanket at the bottom, then a pillow, then another pillow all to no avail. Finally I said screw it and opened one of the doors. I figured if he wanted in there so badly then he could have the closet.

As I got back in bed, I realized I hadn't seen Chloe all night. She is almost always perched by my shoulder but not last night. Yes, you guessed it, she was in the closet but she didn't meow. She just kept rattling the door. Once she got out, she made a quick pit stop at the litter box and then curled up where you see her in this picture. But that's normally Eddie's place and he was not happy. In typical Eddie fashion, he just barged in and took over her spot.

Doesn't she look as though she's saying she got there first?

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