Friday, February 1, 2013

Random zombie apocalypse musings

I like some zombie literature – not the horror kind, I’m really not into detailed gore. But I really enjoy the ones that use zombies as the pretext for talking about things that matter. I loved World War Z (although I won't see the movie, there's no way that book can be made into a movie that makes sense and keeps the book intact enough for me), Zone One and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Actually, if I’m truthful, I did not like Pride and Prejudice in the least, but I did like the zombie-fied version. I’m sure that says something about me and I’ll probably lose my English major card for saying that. Oh well.

Sometimes I amuse myself by thinking about the modern conveniences I’d miss should a full blown apocalypse occur. For example:
  • Coffee – guessing the grid would collapse before too long so there goes your electricity
  • Hot showers – ditto
  • Haircuts – what if my stylist were a zombie?
  • The cloud – no music, phone service, heck no Angry Birds Space
  • My car – pretty much all zombie lit agrees that cars = death traps during the apocalypse so bye-bye Volvo
And then I think about things I’d want in my backpack while fleeing the zombies:
  • Nail clippers – I hate it when my nails get long although zombie lore holds that zombies have excellent hearing so maybe I should go with a file
  • Vaseline – all-purpose ointment and it wouldn’t take up much room
  • Comb or brush plus pony tail holders – since I wouldn’t be able to get my hair cut, I might as well wear it up all the time
  • Lots of decongestants – don’t want the sniffles around the walking dead when they hear so well
  • Good boots – I had a great pair my parents bought me but they got ruined in our first flood
So that’s my random ramblings at the end of a very full week that I think ate my brain. What would you miss? What would you take with you? What zombie books do you like?


Kent J said...

Zyrtec: They are small pills, but eventually they would run out.

YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook would be useless because it would be nothing but "OMG nearly died today #zombie #chainsaw #headshot"

My hair would be a red afro of frizziness. I'd have to learn how to shave it with my tactical knife like a bad@ss.

Jeanne said...

I like World War Z and the Generation Dead series. Of all the things I worry about, though, zombie apocalypse is way down the list.

kittiesx3 said...

Worry? No, this is how I amuse myself!

FreshHell said...

Cannot live without coffee. Next on the list: hot showers and zyrtec.

Ben said...

Don't forget LZR-1143, that was a fun little series.

I would take my kids and wife, guns, ammo, and high-capacity magazines (sorry Mrs. Feinstein), a magnesium fire starter, a big 'ol knife, some iodine tablets (to purify water), a tarp, some parachute cord, and some warm clothes. That is the start of what I would put in my bag.

I would miss hot showers, clean clothes, cooking food that I actually want to eat, cold beer, indoor plumbing, and climate controlled living the most.