Sunday, February 17, 2013

Of hidey-holes and accommodations

First, the hidey-hole. Wally has struggled to find his super secret safe hiding place here in the Little Yellow House. He's a cat who truly needs that spot where he can go to collect his kitty thoughts. In Boston, he had a couple of places in closets way up high, where the other two cats couldn't/wouldn't venture. In our apartment, he loved to get in the under the sink cabinet in our bathroom. He's tried a couple of spots here, mostly the cabinet under the kitchen sink (and believe me, it's rather startling when a cat pushes open a cabinet door at your feet and leaps out).

Today he found a spot he clearly likes in the second bedroom closet. He doesn't know yet that this won't be his safe place because we keep those closet doors shut. I just haven't had the heart to make him move yet.

As far as accommodations go, well I hesitate to post this but I will anyway. To help reduce the growling and hissing, we've had to move the litter boxes out of the sideboard I showed you a couple of weeks ago and even go so far as to put them in separate rooms. If we didn't do that, poor Eddie would never have been able to use the litter box because Wally tried his darndest to block him from getting to them.

Right now, one is on the floor in the office, so it's pretty close to where we had it before. The other one? Is in the tub in the guest bathroom. Apparently the cats like the pink tile in there too, because that box is the one they're using the most. Don't worry, Mom and Dad -- I promise we'll disinfect that tub before you come visit.


Jeanne said...

You have to accommodate the cats. They're in charge, after all.

readersguide said...

I like the pink tile, too!

kittiesx3 said...

Clearly the cats are in charge. We open cabinets so they can hide, we move litter boxes so they will use them while the donut of shame exists . . . at least I don't hand feed them!