Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The S word

Pretty sure my sister Amy will understand this post.

Growing up, our folks had pretty clear standards on what constituted being sick (and therefore being able to stay home) and what not feeling well meant. So if one of us kids were running a fever over 100F, or puking or had diarrhea, well then we were sick and could stay home. Simply not feeling 100% didn’t get us anything except a trip to school.

I've kept those same standards as an adult. I go to work if I just feel blah and I stay home when I'm sick and I keep my nasty germs away from everyone else. I only wish all the folks I work with would do the same thing but apparently some are indispensable and come to work no matter what.

I’m guessing that’s what happened to me. Someone just had to come in while sick and pass a gastro virus to me. 

I’m here to tell you that I’m sick. I’ve got the requisite fever, and I will not need to participate in a lower bowel cleanse to start the New Year (if you get my meaning). And I’m at home, where I belong. A very kind coworker is dropping off my laptop tonight on his way home (he lives in the same apartment complex we do) so that just in case I can sit upright tomorrow, I can get some work done.

Do you go to work when you’re sick? I mean really sick, not just feeling poorly? If so, shame on you!

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Ron said...

I wouldn't go to work when I'm really sick now, but I did stand a few watches back in the day.