Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tornado vs hurricane?

My Boston friends thought Kent and I were crazy to voluntarily moved back to Tornado Ally. They were horrified by the capricious randomness of the tornado -- you may get warning but the path a tornado takes isn't exactly on a road map. All along, I told them I thought a hurricane was a far worse disaster to face because of how enormous it is. My friends maintained that you get plenty of notice with a hurricane and can evacuate. I pointed out that when you do return, the ruins will be there waiting for you.

Last night I scoured the internet, watching all the pictures online of the flooding and damage caused by Sandy. Everything I saw just reinforced my opinion that I'd rather take my chances with a tornado.

Think about it. Hurricanes are often hundreds of miles wide and there's just no way it will miss you if you are in the path. The widest tornado on record was two and a half miles wide. So hundreds of miles vs under three miles? Yeah, tornado. Well really neither but you get my point.

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Joybells said...

My father has the very same perspective you describe. He grew up in Independence, MO, where he has lived for most of his life. When my parents retired, my mom wanted to return to the south. They ended up outside Pensacola, FL. The first year they were there, they got evacuated for a hurricane. No big damage, but the whole experience unnerved him. After five years in Florida, they moved back to Independence. This entry of yours made me smile a grin of feeling connected to you in a new way.