Saturday, October 13, 2012

The rest of the story

We weren't able to see my sister and her younger daughter because Eilish had gotten really sick with a very nasty stomach virus. In the interest of not spreading germs around, we all agreed we would have to skip visiting them. But we still saw Avalon, our older niece.

We sort of overslept Sunday. I can almost always wake up at whatever time I tell myself to wake up, but without cats or street noises, I slept clear through until almost 8 AM. Factoring in all the trains and cab rides, we had a nearly two hour trip to get to Avalon’s school, Marlborough, and needed to be there by 11:30. But we made it, and got to have lunch with her. After lunch, she showed us around her school, and then we had to go.

On the way back, we took a minicab from the train station to our hotel. Minicabs are unregistered and this web site warns you of the dangers involved in using them. As you can see, we survived. The driver didn't really know his way around but he had a GPS so he didn't get lost. His GPS route took us through some neighborhoods with really narrow streets. On one street, we drove around a very dark skinned man wearing a Superman bathrobe, complete with the giant S emblem, and nothing else that we could see, not even slippers. He was bent half into a car sitting in the middle of the street talking to the driver. Our cab driver and Kent both thought we might have interrupted a drug deal.

The next morning, we flew home. So that was the extent of our quick, fun trip to London.

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