Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Random thoughts in the rain

  1. Of course it's raining today as we load the truck. And guess what?
  2. It's supposed to rain Saturday in Overland Park. Of course!
  3. I’ll miss living in a city where pedestrians rule. Pedestrian cross walks aren’t just suggestions here.
  4. One of the loaders for our truck is a chatterbox so I’m hiding in our bedroom. Otherwise he keeps stopping to talk to me—nice guy and all but c’mon, time is money and you are costing us both.
  5. Cats are sitting on the bed with me. They’re pretty nervous and agitated and I’ll be glad when everything that’s going is loaded and we can let them out of the bedroom.
  6. I thought we’d have more visitors in Boston than we did—my best friend and her husband came, my sister and family spent a couple of hours with us, and Ben and Jen and the kids visited. I tend to think of Boston as a great tourist destination but I guess not everyone does.
  7. I never did get to go on a Boston Harbor Island tour.
  8. I’m glad we saw the Boston Pops the first Christmas we were here.
  9. I won’t miss driving in Boston, not one little bit and especially not on Red Sox home game days. Speaking of which . . .
  10. I never saw a Red Sox game, which is fine by me. I did tour Fenway when Brad and Kerry were here and that was really cool.
  11. I’m also glad I got to Maine, New Hampshire and Rhode Island. I especially liked seeing the house where my mother lived when she was in junior high in Providence.
  12. Also, Providence has really tasty grinders.
  13. I hope I can get kitty snooze drugs down the cats tomorrow night and Friday night.
  14. I keep telling myself by Sunday, things will be much, much better. 


Anonymous said...

14 -- they will. Isn't Providence wonderful? I wonder if you ever got out to the Rhode island beaches? Also magnificent.

Judith said...

Hate to be picky - but - I went to junior high in Freeport, Maine. Also was in South Freeport for part of elementary school.

I feel for you and the rain, nervous cats, chore of driving, unpacking, etc. Wish I could help.

Boston is a great tourist town and is also a long way from Idaho. So when I was lucky enough to see you at least yearly in closer places it was too far to Boston. And I used to live there myself.

Be careful driving out there. Love you lots, Mom

kittiesx3 said...

So how old were you when you lived in Providence? That was a total guess on my part, knew the twins were alive so I figured you were early junior high.

Judith said...

We moved there when I was six and I was 9 when the twins were born. I think we moved to South Freeport (after Portland for a few months) in time for the 5th grade. Then to Springfield, Vt. for high school.