Tuesday, April 10, 2012

More randomness

I love our new floors. I confess, I was not at all positive that the unstained (finished) maple would work here. I’m happy to report I was wrong—they look fantastic and add more light to the apartment. Also I like the wider planks.

The dark Billy half height book cases from Ikea mock me now. I may need to paint them. We’ll see. I may need to have my head examined too.

Did I mention we ordered perennial ferns to plant in the patio this year? We got tired of buying pricey annual ferns. Of course, Boston can get hard freezes until about the middle of April so the baby ferns have been hanging out in a cardboard box. We set them outside for some dim light when the weather isn’t wretched and bring them in when it gets cold again.

I forgot to flip my perennial calendar to April this year. So I didn’t get a card sent to my dad and I also had it in my head that Eliot’s birthday was April 14. Really it’s April 11. I think I got fixated on the 14th because of the Titanic stuff all over the internet.

The cats hated being kenneled at the vet’s last week. They’ve been home five days and the boys still cry a lot and need massive amounts of lap time. Chloe is an unflappable champ. Nothing rocks her world. The only change she’s made is she’s been sleeping all night at my left shoulder. That’s her only sign of insecurity. I wish I could say the same about the boys.

And now I need to finish the dress for Alison and the matching dress for her doll. I sound so very domestic, don't I?


Jeanne said...

Sometimes a mix of dark and light wood can look nice, especially with red carpet. The Billy bookcases are the ones we had that melted in water--the particleboard disintegrated.

kittiesx3 said...

Yeah, none of the Ikea furniture made it through the Great Flood of '09. I don't mind the dark furniture in the living room; to your point, the contrast is good.

But these two bookcases hang out in the hall by the kitchen and are used as kitchen storage. So they are very dark, all by themselves and sort of lurk now. I don't particularly love to paint but I like buying something I have already even less.