Monday, April 23, 2012

But I really, really want to

Kent and I end up incorporating silly phrases in our day to day language. I guess it’s sort of like having a private language, although we’re not trying to be exclusionary. But we’ve done it with things Alison’s said (I hold you now! or Oh my goodness!). This week, we've been using a phrase from our nephew, Schuler.

I mentioned before that he’s got very precise diction—he says yes, not yeah, and uses complete sentences to ask for something he wants. What he usually wants is to play with someone’s cell phone, specifically the games. So he’ll say “May I play with the phone, please?” If the answer is no, then the corners of his mouth head south in a hurry, the tears well up and he’ll say in the most plaintive voice ever “But I really, really want to!” If the answer continues to be no, he’ll keep saying that over and over and add in more tears and crying. Because it’s not my child, I thought it was pretty cute. 

The other night I wanted pizza again—so I used Schuler’s tactic with Kent because he’s the one who makes that particular pizza. And it worked! It worked quite well. We spent the rest of the weekend using that phrase and laughing ourselves silly.

Amy, if you’re reading this, I think it’s cute. I’m sure it drives you nuts and next time I see you, I’ll try not to say it around you. 

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Jeanne said...

Last night at Seussical rehearsal I met a mother who told me she'd had her third-grader when she was 16. I told her what a good time you were having now, after having done the whole raising children thing already!