Thursday, March 15, 2012

You're the one

My friend Jeanne sent me this inflatable rubber ducky.We've got a whole meme going about punching ducks and she pointed out that it's hard to punch a duck if you don't have one.

I wondered what the cats would think about it. Since Wally eats plastic, I thought there was a chance he'd just eat it, especially if I didn't blow it up. So I inflated it. Here's how they reacted--watch for Eddie's tail whip at the end:

Last night I left it on that chair while we watched some TV and it really bothered Eddie. So I moved it to the ottoman next to the chair and he was happier. Wally continues to stay away, and Chloe couldn't care less.


Jeanne said...

My cats are pretty used to inflatable toys. We've always had them (even before we had kids). We have an almost-life-size gorilla someone sent us once.

kittiesx3 said...

Do any of yours eat plastic, though? That was my chief concern and why I inflated the duck right away. I didn't want Wally to eat it.

Jeanne said...

No, they don't eat plastic. I think this is because they get to go outside.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. They really don't seem to like it much. Maybe they think it used to be a cat.