Monday, February 20, 2012

Well no wonder

I mentioned yesterday how much trouble I’ve been having with my lungs since returning home. I put it down to the holes in the walls and ceiling, plus the raw concrete floor (which is very dusty). I’m sure none of that helps, but yesterday I discovered that the door between the closet that goes under the front walk and the section where our water heater is located was not closed. As best we can tell it’s been open for two and a half weeks, ever since the public insurance adjustor came through our apartment while we were in Jamaica.

So you better understand what I mean, here’s a picture:
The green box is the area that holds our water heater plus the main water shut off for 3 Claremont Park. The red line is the door (really more of a hatch) into that room from our closet. Built from bricks, the room isn’t finished and gets pretty damp. We know the room tends to be moldy and there’s just no way to fix that, although we’ve gone in and sprayed bleach water from time to time. But the space isn’t part of our living space so we keep the door shut unless the water to the entire building has to be shut off. I never go in there and when Kent goes in, I either leave the apartment or stay far, far away.

I’m a little relieved to identify more of a cause for all the coughing. I'd hate to think my lungs were just crapping out for no reason.


Jeanne said...

I really hope that this discovery improves things fast.

kittiesx3 said...

Me too. I'm ready for my lungs to be normal.

Judith said...

Solution for the Ferals - whenever you leave for more than a few hours, turn off the main water. Ha!

Hugh said...

I like Judith's idea.

kittiesx3 said...

That's my mom!