Sunday, January 22, 2012

Stress fractures

Stress fractures can be caused by unusual or repeated stress. I’d say repeated water damage counts, wouldn’t you?
  • All horizontal surfaces in our home are covered with a fine layer of gritty dust. That won’t be going away any time soon. In fact, when the repairs get going, I know it will just get worse.
  • The cats are not doing all that well. Chloe escapes by sleeping in the bedroom (we have that door shut both for noise mitigation and to keep as much dusty crap out of there as we can). Wally and Eddie have been crying loudly at us and it’s truly amazing how loud they can be. All three cats are on our laps for extended periods of time, far more than they normally do. Plus Chloe is picking fights with the boys. I’m sure it’s because she’s so tense.
  • Wally has been doing something he loved to do in the basement of our home in Kansas City. He'd go down there and just roll around and around on the concrete. I think he's a little happy he can do that here because he's been doing it a lot. The downside is that his fur has gotten very dusty. I need to wipe him down with a damp washcloth because I can hardly bear to pet him, he's so dusty. 
  • I feel short in the kitchen. I’m surprised at how removing the inch of flooring makes such a difference in where the counters are to me.
  • Our apartment is crazy dry right now—the humidity is 32%. Our sinuses ache and our eyes are dried out and gritty.
  • I thought of two things to be thankful about this go round. First, we discovered the issue Thursday. That meant we could get the leak capped on Friday and we have this week to start sorting out repairs and so on. Second, I’ve been planning on doing a lot of touch up painting around the place, but hadn’t done it yet. Good thing, huh.
  • We are both so distracted that we both clean forgot about the red slow cooker sitting on the counter last night, full of a new batch of chili. I woke up at 5 AM and knew it had been sitting there all night long. I need to make another batch of soup (that’s what we eat for lunch in the winters) but we have no more white onions in the house. So I need to go get one.
  • Apparently I tweaked my knee the other day so now I’m feeling ancient and decrepit.
  • I’m looking forward to sitting on a beach in just over a week. I just hope nothing bad happens here while we are gone.


Jeanne said...

Poor all of you. Making a lap for a cat is good for resting and icing a knee. Ice for first 48 hours, elevate and rest afterwards.
A trip to the beach...fixes everything!!!!

Harriet said...

Sounds like a vacation was never better timed.

lemming said...

I'm with harriet.

Ronna said...

Stress is awful on knees, sinuses, and cats. Try music (your favorite or what you grew up with in the 60s and 70s) since it calms cats as well as people and favorite cooking smells or candles (whichever is cheaper since money woes are also pretty darn stressful). The free internet music sites like PaNDORA which I don't usually like help because they are sort of random and I don't have to make any more choices (stressful). Even my pets get calmer if I turn the music on for 3 to 4 hours. Good Luck.