Thursday, December 29, 2011

Signs Christmas is over in my house

  1. I don’t remember to plug in the tree lights when I get up in the morning.
  2. The Starbucks Christmas blend coffee is almost gone from our house and is gone from the stores.
  3. Peppermint ice cream is gone from the stores, too.
  4. Aunt Bill’s fudge (BEST candy ever and made by my folks) is also gone.
  5. Menu planning is back to normal.
  6. I’m even a little tired of pumpkin pie.

So sometime this week I guess I’ll haul out the boxes and take things down. Then the house will look a little bare until I get used to those decorations not being here.

If you decorated, are you ready for them to be put away now?


Kent J said...

I don't believe #6. Not at all.

Hugh said...

Heavens, no, not ready - still getting cards, fer pete's sake!

Hugh said...

Comment not from Hugh, BTW

Judith said...

When I was a little girl and the Christmas tree wasn't put up until Christmas Eve, it was nice to have it up longer after the holiday. Now everything Christmas is on display before November and I'm ready to be done with it by the 26th or 27th. BTW there is still peppermint ice cream in my freezer and that candy was some of the best ever.

Jeanne said...

We will probably undecorate on New Year's Eve, as the tree we bought from the sidewalk outside of Kroger never drank much water and is dropping needles everywhere. Also one of the strands of lights I put up outside has stopped lighting up, so I've stopped going out into the cold garage to turn it on and off.

The day the Christmas houseguests leave, we "go to St. Louis" which used to be literal but now means we go to Columbus and do something fun. Cleaning up can wait. Except we did change the bed so Eleanor can sleep in her own bedroom again (she was sleeping downstairs so her grandmother could have her room).

FreshHell said...

Not quite. We usually take things down the first weekend in January. After NY day. By then, the tree's dead, ornaments are falling, the place is a wreck and needs cleaning anyway. We don't get the tree til the week before Xmas so it seems a shame to break it all down again so soon.

I'm NEVER tired of pumpkin pie.