Friday, September 23, 2011


I asked Kent last night what he would miss from our apartment here in Boston. He thought for a moment and said he’d miss how dark and quiet our bedroom is. That was all he could come up with. As for me, I’d miss our clever solution for the litter boxes.

I won’t ever choose to live in a “garden” apartment again. I’m not a mushroom, I need a lot of light.

If I end up taking a job outside of Boston, the cats would go with me. Kent travels pretty frequently and also the trips can be last second so arranging cat care gets complicated. He said if he got too lonely, he’d get another cat. Um no way do we need FOUR cats! I offered to leave Chloe with him should a move occur. She’s the most laid back of our cats and would adjust to being alone a lot. But as he pointed out, she’s really imprinted to me and might die of sadness.

I tried to refashion my pink dress into a skirt—it’s made from a cheap knit and I couldn’t find my stretch needles for my sewing machine. I’d only sewn about six inches and had to stop because it did awful things to the material. I’m not sure I can fix this problem.

I tried making a baked potato recipe where you slice the potatoes almost all the way through, with the cuts running across the short side, and then bake them with butter and some seasonings. They were good but not entirely baked. I think the key is to make the slices really thin.

Last night we watched the first episode of Walking Dead on DVD. While I’ve liked some zombie books quite a bit, this show isn’t something I want to watch. It had way too much of what I call BOO! scary bits in it. I’m not an adrenaline junkie.

Today is the day for going through all of my clothes and purging, purging, purging.

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lemming said...

I vote against splitting up the cats.