Wednesday, September 21, 2011



I tend to buy clothing because I like the color and feel of the fabric. Only later when it's too late do I realize that whatever I bought doesn't fit all that well. The pink sweater in this picture is a perfect example--I love the color, and it's a cotton/silk knit. But it's just a boxy ugly thing on and I found that I'd pull it out, maybe put it on only to take it off and hang it back up again.

Since I wasn't wearing it anyway, I cut it apart and used a Simplicity pattern to make another top.

I didn't actually have enough material so the top is more fitted than the pattern would normally be. But that's fine by me. It's no longer boxy or ugly.


Judith said...

I love your creativity. Mom

Diane Russell said...

Oh, wow. That really looks nice! I'm impressed!

kittiesx3 said...

I had to lay the pattern pieces just so in order to preserve the bottom band on the original sweater. I think that makes the refashioned sweater look even more polished.

Next up: a skirt needs some help and a dress is getting made into a different skirt.