Sunday, September 18, 2011

All finished

I finished two sewing projects for me and they are big accomplishments in the world of Elizabeth. First up, I made a skirt from Simplicity 2451, view C. What's more, I fully lined it even though the pattern didn't call for it and in fact didn't have directions on how to do it. Hurrah!

But wait, there's more to the skirt story. I also inserted an invisible zipper with the amazing invisible zipper foot my mother kindly sent to me. You can see--or rather, you can't see--the zipper in this picture. The loose threads at the top are because I haven't yet sewn the skirt to its lining.

I also found a really great tutorial on inserting invisible zippers here, plus the same site has another great tutorial on machine stitching your facings here.

Today I finished New Look 6028, view A but with long sleeves and no trim. It too is fully lined and clever me made it from the same material as the skirt so now I have a suit look in a beautiful wool blend.


Diane Russell said...

That really looks nice! Good job! I love the fabric.

kittiesx3 said...

They both turned out well; there are a few mistakes no one but me would ever notice and I'm working hard on being kinder to myself about stuff like that. I had to press and press like crazy with a damp ironing cloth and I think I'll need to go in and do some hand tacking on lining for the skirt's yoke. But all in all, I'm tickled.

Now I need to get over my fear of my serger and knits.

lemming said...

I am in awe - I can tackle mending and simple sewing, but I lack the patience for this.