Sunday, June 22, 2008

More about Wally

I've changed my slide show so you can see Wally in his natural (that is to say, strange) environments of choice. Today he investigated the orange trash can. Even though one of the pictures is pretty blurry I still included it because he has his head at a 180 degree angle to look at me.

We bought a moving supply package of boxes that came in a huge box along with some bubble wrap. Well Wally loves plastic so as we were drifting off to sleep we heard noises from the downstairs--they were not the kind of noises that reassure you your animals are behaving. So Kent went downstairs and sure enough, Wally had knocked the huge box over so he could eat the bubble wrap. Well Kent was exhausted as we all were from loading a moving truck yesterday so he pushed the box to a wall to keep Wally from getting to the bubble wrap.

Apparently that was Eddie's cue to eat the box. I have no idea why one litter mate eats plastic and the other one eats cardboard. I just know it can't be all that good for either one of them.

Edited to add: today I caught Eddie in the act of eating the box. See?

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Ben said...

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